The new NUPEX-app analyses networks closely!

The free NuPEx app is recently available in the Android Play Store. With this non-advertising app, you are going to have immediately a perfect overview about: App usage, network information, speed, traffic, and your phone behavior. Otherwise this data mostly remains hidden or is difficult to be analyzed on the phone. However, with the new NuPEx App the situation will change, since it analyzes without great expense numerous phone information using the following tools : NuPEx-App

  • App Monitor: The monitor shows which apps have been frequently used, how often and how much data they have consumed.
  • Network Monitor: With the Network Monitor the existing connection, quality and IP address of the phone can be determined.
  • Speed Monitor: The Speed Test measures the speed of the Internet access network.
  • Traffic Monitor: The Traffic Monitor shows how much data is transferred over WiFi or mobile and when the Internet was actually used.
  • Usage Monitor: The Usage Monitor indicates how many minutes of incoming and outgoing calls were done on the phone.

In addition to the free use of the tools, each app - user has the additional option to participate the NuPEx campaign. In this campaign, you will be directly asked how satisfied you were with the current utilization of your smart phone. The NuPEx App enables you for the first time to assess the technical quality of your mobile network provider, how you effectively perceived it. The measured specifications and the ratings are then incorporated into algorithms to use directly for planning an efficient network expansion. But do not worry: It's only to collect data about the technical quality of service and as well as the effectively perceived quality of service. There will be no movement profiles created and no personalized advertising will be shown! In this current campaign, all participants will get as a little gesture of appreciation a 5 € Amazon voucher. The winners from the first campaign will be announced on the website.

Here the most important information about the campaign NuPEx 2:

Who can participate? Anyone who has a smart phone based on Android and is at least 14 years old.

What do I get? We can provide you our results at your disposal and raffle at the end among all participants exciting prizes.

What kind of data is collected? We only collect technical parameters such as quality, quantity of data, and your satisfaction. It is not our intention to create movement profiles or switch personalized advertising. For us, it’s all about your evaluation of Internet quality.

Click here for the PlayStore.

This app is a product of OTARIS Interactive Services GmbH and has been adapted for the same named project.


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