Help to improve the quality of internet!

Do you know the feeling when the connection is not working if you need them most? Or that the network is overloaded entirely, so that the website needs to load forever, streaming falters or video chat is impossible? When was the last time you have been completely annoyed by bad internet connection or the lasting power failure during the mobile surfing?

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The distribution of smartphones and the resulting growing demands on the network are great challenges for the planner. Thus, the network does not always match our needs and provides us with too little data volume. The consequence is a provider’s change - often without substantial improvements in network quality.

The "User-centered development of broadband communication networks including Quality of Experience" (NuPEX) is funded by the Education Ministry of Education and Research.The goal of the project is to include the user’s behavior and expectations in the efficient network expansion and corresponding planning. Thus, networks can be optimized and expanded cheaper. The NUPEX study is supplying a basic data base.

In the first test stage various usage scenarios will be adjusted in the lab. Participants from all disciplines and sectors are welcome. The test performance tests in the following way:

  1. General questions about user behavior in the Internet.
  2. The effect of quality for surfing in the Internet.
  3. The quality of video streams.
  4.  In the final test, the quality of video conferencing is assessed.

All answers and results are anonymous and strictly confidential.

The lab tests are completed.

Thanks a lot to all participants of our study!


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