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Usage Behaviour of Smartphone User

The research project „NuPEx“ new solutions shall be created that will optimize the planning of fast broadband communication networks especially in urban areas and to align the service quality closer with the usage behavior of end customers. This is based on extensive measures during several studies.

Within the Lab test different typical Internet applications (like browsing, video communication and video streaming) can be simulated and their influence on the technical parameters can be limited.

For field testings the projektpartner OTARIS offered the NuPEx-App that can next to measuring the usage behavior in the internet also increase the transparency for mobile customer.

First conclusions from the field tests where illustrated with an info graphic

The solutions from the research project will be used to create more efficient planning functions and will be integrated in commercial software for network planning. This way network planner will get the possibility to actually use the newest research conclusions to optimize the resources.



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