OTARIS Interactive Services GmbH

OTARIS Interactive Services (www.otaris.de) is an independent software vendor (ISV) spezializing in mobile services, IT security and quality management in IT infrastructures. OTARIS develops interactive and web-based solutions to optimize business communications and processes. Here the company sees itself as a full-service technology partner for other companies that use or plan to use communications services.

In addition to customized client solutions, OTARIS has been established in the market with the products QoSBee Analyzer and the ProAudit Suite in addition to their own solutions for technical Quality of Management in terms of QoS and QoE ratings.

The cooperation ranges from consulting and project development support to adaptation development and complete takeover of operation of specific mobile and interactive communication services. Companies in telecommunications, market research, and healthcare are customers of OTARIS.

Since 2008 OTARIS represents the regional office of the IT security organization TeleTrusT Germany (www.teletrust.de) for the northwestern Germany and supports the activities of the Trust and cooperation with established regional networks as a local contact person and coordinator.

The Quality Group it vision GmbH

The Quality Group it vision GmbH (www.itvisiongmbh.com) has been operating in the telecommunication market since 1995 and supports a number of German and European operators of mobile, access, and transport networks in planning, administration and documentation of their telecommunication networks.

 The Quality Group it vision GmbH supports the operators in a manifold manner:

  • Consulting in technical questions of telecommunications
  • Support for the introduction of new planning and documentation processes
  • Customer oriented development of software for efficient network planning

 The Quality Group it vision GmbH is an active member of the TeleManagementForum (www.tmforum.org).

With the introduction of the module based standard tool NETx in 2003, a broad basis for the work on the topics of “planning, administration and documentation of telecommunication networks” is available, which is permanently extended and updated.

Institute of Communication Networks at TUHH

The Institute of Communication Networks is part of the School of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics  and the Research Cluster SOMSED at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH).

The work is currently focused on the area of

  • heterogeneous networks
  • ad-hoc and sensor networks
  • mobile communication
  • future of the Internet
  • network planning and optimization.

In all areas ComNets is investigating network performance, network optimizations, and investigating and designing new architecture and services. The group is also considering and demonstrating exciting applications in the area ofemergency management, vehicular communication, logistics, and more.

Communication Networks Working Group at the University of Bremen (TZI)

The main research focus of the ComNets group at the University of Bremen is performance analysis of communication networks and their protocols. This includes the implementation of prototypes as well as performance studies by mathematical analysis and simulation. Key research topics include: mobility support, mobile communications, wireless communications, simulation technology, rare event simulation, and teletraffic engineering. Research projects are mainly funded by national and international government institutions and direct industry collaborations. The research group around C. Görg consists of about 10 fully employed predoctoral and postdoctoral research associates, a small technical and assisting team, and many students working as student workers or doing their thesis.


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