Cork, September 23-25. 2013: In this year's 5th edition of the "International Conference on Mobile Networks and Management" (MONAMI) in Ireland, NuPEx was represented with two contributions with the topics "Enhancing Quality of Experience Assessment Models for Web Traffic" and "Network Planning for Stochastic Traffic Demands". Besides a discussion of the presentations with the expert audience, presentations about the future development of networks management methods, e.g. cloud-based network management or software defined networks were of particular interest. Informal talks gave the opportunity to further elaborate the presentation topics.

Hamburg, June 25. 2013: The third consortia meeting of NUPEX project was held with all partners at the TUHH. The partners presented and discussed the current status of their work. Results of laboratory testing and simulative and analytical models were presented. Interfaces and the work package ‘integration’ were key issues of the meeting. Further coordination will be elaborated in the next workshops. Moreover, administrative issues were part of the agenda.

Osnabrück, May 15/16. 2013: The "VDE/ITG Fachtagung Mobilkommunikation" (Conference on Mobile Communication) focuses on all aspects of wireless communication from the radio interface to applications for the end user. On this year's 18th conference, one of the main topics was mobile broadband services. Within the framework of this topic, the University of Bremen presented the NuPEx research project, the focus of the speech was the determination of the dependency between quality of service and quality of experience in the laboratory and the outlook towards the field measurements which are planned as a further step of the project. In the following discussion with approx. 50 experts from academia and industry, the results shown in the presentation were elaborated. An important outcome of the conference was also the expected increase of mobile data traffic by a factor of 1000 in the next 10 years. This requires a careful planning of the core and access networks by the network operator which is an essential goal of the NuPEx project.

Berlin, Mar 25-27. 2013: The 7th ITG conference “Broadband supply in Germany” gave an overview about the latest technological developments and the situation in Germany when compared to international standards. TQG it vision GmbH represented the research project NuPEx with a speech  „Quality of Experience als Parameter für die Netzplanung“. The project approach together with the most current status and an outlook has been discussed with more than 100 telecommunication experts. Basics of the discussion were the expected optimization results and the “efforts from an extended planning process” to “benefits” ratio. The audience was particularly interested in the method of the QoS/QoE mapping, which is investigated in the project and which shall be integrated into the planning process.

Bremen, Jan 17/18. 2013: All partners and the new project management agency participate at the second consortia meeting of the NuPEx project, which took place in Bremen. In addition to the technical reports from the individual work packages, the further implementation of the laboratory and field tests, the scenarios as well as the implementation into the network planning tool were discussed. Moreover administrative issues to the first progress report were part of the agenda.

Hamburg, Oct 12. 2012: At the business meeting, details in the framework and the interface between the fields of the partners have been extended and partially changed. Due to initial researching findings the change has been proved appropriate. The second topic was the development of the scenarios related to the QoE measurements. The focus was on the question on how to provide the QoE as a parameter to an application to the network planner. The development of the interfaces will be continued in future meetings or teleconferences.

Dresden, Sep 17/18. 2012: “Innovation through intelligent networking” was the theme of the third conference of the BMBF initiative KMU-Innovativ, which took place on the 17. and18. of September 2012 in Dresden. In addition to lectures and interviews with representatives from exemplary selected projects of the initiative, there was a focus particularly on the exchange of experiences and expertise among participants. Especially the poster and demonstrators exhibition gave the participants the possibility to intensely intercommunicate. The NuPEx partners took the opportunity to represent their project with a poster.

Hamburg, Sep 14. 2012: In the workshop, different aspects of the NuPEx project were further elaborated. As the main contribution of OTARIS, measurement methods for QoS and QoE on mobile terminals were presented. The identification of different user categories and the clustering of users with a known behavior within these categories was also discussed. As the second major discussion item, it vision and University of Bremen presented their updates on the framework. In this connection, working items were identified which will be further elaborated in the ensuing fortnightly telcos and a follow-up workshop at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) on 12th October 2012.

Bremen, Aug 09. 2012: A strong requirement of the NuPEx project is the close cooperation of the four project partners. In this workshop, there was a detailed discussion on the network planning framework, which also shows the role of individual partner and the expected main contributions. Furthermore, the impact of the traffic mix and user types for the multiplexing gain within tactical and operational planning was comprehensively discussed; it is planned to conclude this working item at the next workshop on September 14.

Hamburg, Jun 21/22. 2012: Together with all partners, the first consortial meeting of the NuPEx project took place. The scope of the meeting was to negotiate the framework of the traffic and network planning process, requirements and various scenarios, as well as the proposals/plans for the analytical models and simulation environments. In addition, extensions of the network planning tool NETx were considered to address the new requirements and analytical approaches of NuPEx. Therefore, a detailed introduction into NETx was given by it vision. For further cooperation, different interfaces between the contributions of the partners, various scenarios and calculation methods were discussed and elaborated.

Chemnitz, May 03/04. 2012: On May 3 and 4, the meeting of the ITG expert groups (Fachgruppen) 5.2.1 "Traffic Engineerung und System Architectures" and 5.2.4 "IP and Mobility" meeting took place in Chemnitz University of Technology. The workshop with the theme "Quality of Experience and Robustness in fixed and mobile Communication Networks" which was attended by participants from industry and academia in Germany included presentations with the main focus on QoE/QoS management and network planning from different aspects. The NuPEx consortium also had a chance to present and discuss the project in the meeting: after a brief introduction on the NuPEx framework by it vision, University of Bremen and Hamburg-Harburg University of Technology presented their scientific works related to NuPEx. The discussion during the meeting has brought up a lot of helpful information for the project. Further information can be found on http://www.tu-harburg.de/itg521/fg-treffen/fg-treffen-chemnitz.html

Osterholz-Scharmbeck, May 14. 2012: The INTERREG IVC project ENGAGE "Enhancing Next Generation Access Growth in Europe" was launched in the broadband Competence Center of Lower Saxony in Osterholz-Scharmbeck in the end of April. The ENGAGE project will run for three years. The Working Group Communication Networks at University of Bremen (TZI) and the Competence Center of Lower Saony organized the opening session. About 30 participants from twelve European countries came and caught up on innovative approaches to improve broadband connectivity in rural landscapes. The NUPEX consortium had the opportunity to introduce the project and the research approaches and to discuss with the participants about it.

Berlin, Mar 19/20. 2012: The 6th ITG Conference broadband coverage in Germany is one of the most important annual meetings to exchange ideas and debate on the issues for broadband expansion in Germany. OTARIS Interactive Services GmbH represented the NUPEX project. Strategies of network development and infrastructure were discussed at the conference. An overall strategy could not be implemented because of all the regional stakeholders and actors. The approach regarding technology, finance, business models and timeframe is orientated differentially to regional needs. This just shows the need for the issues of the NUPEX research project.

Frankfurt, Feb 15/16. 2012: The LambdaNet-Forum is an independent congress for telecommunication service providers in the German telecommunication industry. The Quality Group  it vision GmbH took part as NuPEx partner. We were interested in topics, which are related to our research project. We also did talk to telcos about QoE aspects in network planning and their requirements concerning QoE in network planning. Our findings for the project are:

  • concrete examples for network architecture to building up research scenarios
  • evaluation of operator relevant QoE parameters
  • initiation of partnerships
  • the awareness of the QoE topic is related to the size of the operator - possible requirements of smaller operators have to be made aware

Bremen, Feb 01. 2012: The four involved partners, the Quality Group it vision GmbH; OTARIS Interactive Services GmbH, the Institute of Communication Networks of the TUHH and the Research Group of Communication Networks of the Center for Computing and Communication Technologies (TZI) of the University of Bremen start the NUPEX project.


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